I am eager to connect to people and to understand them. In the final edit I take care of a proper context in which expressions are embedded genuinely. This context is not depending on the interview alone; it’s a blend of many ingredients. A gaze could say more than a thousand catchy sentences. Film is therefore an wonderful medium to convey stories.

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Tell me your idea, and I can polish it. Even if you have no idea at¬†all, I can help you to make a concept from scratch. Tools we can use are a¬†briefing, a pre-interview, a script, a storyboard or a mood board¬†to give your idea’s¬†hands and feet. But sometimes improvisation on the spot is just all what is¬†needed.

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Film production

I endlessly survey the innovations in the field to improve productions. But film is more: a magical mix of framing, movement, lighting, detail. My backgrounds as journalist and linguist have provided me with techniques to help people transform their essence in words, powerfully and poetically.

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As a perfectionist I know a film is never finished. I am particularly interested in a debrief: only together we can make things better. All finished productions are backed up in two-fold ánd in a non-destructive way: titles, logo’s, music you name it can be replaced or removed whenever needed, for eternity.