about André

Freelance filmmaker, mini documentary storytelling

I help people to tell their story, to show their strength by revealing unspoken motives. Motives define who we are as humans, and can make a compelling story. That serves as a mirror in which a target audience may recognize something of their own unspoken motives and struggles. When that recognition happens, a connection is made: the purpose of storytelling. I have been working as storyteller for over 10 years, shooting documentaries, news stories as well as narrative commercials, all over the world. 


What about my own story? I am the son of a traditional father born in Indonesia during colonial times. In any conflict I was involved, he told me: ‘the oldest has always right’. I was the youngest of five. It gave me an urge for fairness, and this may have a positive effect on my empathic abilities.


What about your story? Are you ready to connect with your audience? Then I would like to help you!